Hurt! !

I thought I had found the one he understood me he spoiled me! My family loved him an his family loved me. I even accepted the fact he was HIV positive !!! He got saved with me he took my younger siblings skating loved them like he was their own.but that all change he started to ignore my phone calls he started asking for money over an over but wouldn't even loan me 10 dollars. To find out when me an my roomate got into it an I moved out,he slept with her friends brought them food used them.for their money. An also brought random girls over. He did this to me an I loved him with all my the whole time he was living a double life! !!
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2 Responses Aug 31, 2012

He is just not worth it but pls what did you mean by what being saved

I feel for you honey but it seems to me you caught a bad fish in the sea. It may have looked good on the outside by on the inside it was black and cold do not fret toss it back for your trophy trout may just be out there all you got to do is look,

im sorry this happened to you it would hurt like hell but i agree, it sounds like he is not worth going after. i believe you treated him better than he deserved, ut thats what you do inlove. all i can hope for you is that you can heal and find a wonderful man, and i really hope he didnt pass the sti onto you, as he was lucky to have someone as lucky to be understanding with that.