Circuitous Road To Self Love

Many a self help guru of today exhort the idea of 'self love', 'self acceptance' as building blocks of one's development, progress and success in life. Every one of these Gurus and fly-by-night self help experts have recipes, formulae ,
drills and ready reckoners to achieve this seemingly innocuous yet eternally elusive trait.

The truth is , self love develops as a result of the trials and tribulations at physical, emotional and metaphysical levels during one's life. It is any thing but a formula based regimen designed to reach some 'goal post'. While I think it is reasonable to believe that one reaches a state of spiritual marurity, there is no evidence to suggest that one-size-fits-all formula to emulate some one else's virtue exists.

We humans, by nature indentity seekers. In that identity seeking pursuit we mindlessly imitate others who , we thing are better than us. As kids, we imitate our parents, elders of the family and siblings. Growing up, we imitate the cult figures, youth icons , celebrities and the list goes on. So , it is always the alter ego which is at work and masks the true self.

Even those who proudly claim that they are 'fiercely independent, unique and do their own thing' are but mimicing their predecessors. So, along the way we lose this sense of 'self love' for admiration of outside factors. Only when these outside factors fail you, will you consider looking deeper.

This is a strange analogy but one tends to go home to find solace and comfort when one is defeated and disappointed and exhausted all other avenues. And to one's surprize one finds great comfort at home and then begin wondering 'How did this simple comfort eluded me all these years?'. The fact of the matter is , it did not elude. It took a mandatory and circutious
road to reach there. Therefore self love and acceptance is the culmination
of profound contemplation and continuous seeking.
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2 Responses Sep 1, 2012

Circuitous and circumspect, I agree. There is no formula for self-love. I do believe it requires self-awareness which itself requires a brave soul who is not hindered by fear to look inside themselves and see what is there to be seen.

very well written post:)