Never Had One... Until Now.

I have truly never felt anything worse. Physical pain can never compare.

I'm so worn down inside and I feel like I have nothing left inside of me to give to anybody else. Also, missing them is the worst part. Remembering is torture. Every time I see, hear, or say something that reminds me of the past, I feel this overwhelming amount of pain suffocate my body. Its like this massive drop of emotions. It's very hard to explain, really...

You cant understand how hurtful it is unless you actually go through it. As I look back at everyone I cared about who came to me with a broken heart, I now see that no matter how much I tried to understand (and thought I understood them) I had no idea. None what so ever.

All I ever wish for this special person (who doesn't believe they're special which ****** me off) is to be happy in life, and if being with me does not make them happy then it is what it is. Sad day for me! (maybe even longer) but hopefully not forever!! :)
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I'm sorry I really feel for you and I know what your going through. Its a horrible pain, that follows you around everywhere you go. I even climbed into the bottom of the wardrobe hoping the pain wouldn't find me. I stayed in bed, but couldn't focus on anything. Every TV program and song reminded me of something we had together. I started drinking, smoking and taking Antidepressants, but fortunately I caught myself in time and stop all that.

What can I say, go with it, don't expect anything of yourself, try to distract yourself. All the self help sites say see your friends, I couldn't think of anything worse after I had bent their ear and cried on their shoulders. I didn't want to pretend and go out and socialize. you know what did it for me, card games and Bejewled on my Ipad. Sounds silly but it takes little concentration but just gives you hours of rest-bite from thinking the same thoughts over and over again.

If I was there I would spend hours on the floor picking up every single piece of your heart that they broken and then we could spend several more hours carefully putting it back together again. Time heel but just go with it for now, but don't wallow.

If you can take a little soup and possible a herbal sleeping tablets for when the nights seem to go on forever.

Its now been a month on for me, with no contact as that really is the best way. Now my little cries are restricted to when I read your sad sorry or at night when I am alone in bed.

Life goes on and really make sure you don't heel distorted. You will learn to love again with someone who deserves you.

Time heals a broken heart...Believe'll eventually reach that stage where you have passed through all the time, days and months or even years that you need to get over that person :)

Now that it has been broken, make sure to pick up the pieces and never get it broken again.

I think having your heart broken is part of life. And to not get it broken again would mean never having love again

Then... what about all those people who find that one love that sticks around? I mean if you cannot love without getting your heartbroken... what are those people?

people who are emotional and know how to express their feelings are made that way,because there are so many in the world that grow up misguided thinking that success comes monitarily . sorry you can have all the money and fame in the world and be the emptiest thin in the world

I know exactly what you are talking about and I wish I could just shut my mind off. I want to forget the last ten years of my life I would give all memories up of that ten years just to get rid of the memories of her. I am so broken down and feel like I can't go on anymore. I feel so used and worthless.

Roll with the punches baby. Just think time, time and more time. For me I just felt like I wanted to be happy and whole again the way I was before I even met him.

Get a writing book and write it all down, the pain, the hurt the betrayal the whys and how comes. Swear, curse, be angry, then shut the book and try and get some sleep

Your words have described all the pain I feel. How does one make it stop? The feeling of emptiness, the sadness that drowns you every minute of your day. I sit and try to think of a day I felt worse, and come up with nothing. I try to keep busy but the memories keep coming into my mind and my emotions become overwhelming. Although it feels like this pain and sadness will never end, will never cease to exist, deep down I know that time cures all wounds. I just hope that its sooner than later. Hope you feel better soon too.

I had someone break my heart and the pain was so awful. I thought it would never end.
I saw that person not long ago, and realized that I no longer felt any hurt
I thought how odd that they wanted to see me but now I had no interest in them. What a distance I've come since that broken heart. I hope all broken hearts heal as completely as mine did.

Can't wait till I'm there. I live in fear of bumping into him with another women. I am also determined that this isn't going to make me cynical or wary of people's intentions. I'll just be more careful with who I give me heart to next time

I feel for you, I have been there.. in a big way....have lost faith in friends,people, relationships, myself...only thing i trust is family...I know your pain when i read your post, I felt I had written it, I have lived what you wrote..
I am not much help but I had to write this, it has brought back memories

Its good to let things out :) It's unfortunate that you have to go through all of this pain, I know how much it hurts and how much it can bring you down, but don't lose faith in people and especially yourself. Hurtful experainces are not always bad. I even think they are important to go through because they help you see life from a different point of you. I hope you can find strength in yours! and I wish you everything good in life :D <3

thank you ! im a gypsy , a man with a vagabond sprite ive been this way all my life an dont know if it will ever change ,i go to church in a new place all the time ,im always the outsider ,an the topic of rummers i almost never let anyone in ,i do get tired of the lifestyle . i guess this is what god has given me ,so i need to learn to except it ?

do whatever you need to buddy!

i can relate , iv been alone now for 3+ yrs after a brake up

I hope you find true love that is mutual and amazing. <3

The only healing is time.. 20 pounds lost over the first 2 weeks after and hardly able to stay at work whole shifts I can say it has been the worst pain ive ever had. But you just keep going and eventually you will move on. And days do seem like months of hurt but one day you will wake up and be fine. Keep your head up.

thank you :)

Ye that was the only good thing I lost over 16 pounds and now fit into all the clothes I thought I would have to throw again. When I have healed some more I plan on making good use of those party dresses

I know hoe you feel... Going through it right now. I admit that it hurts like crazy. Hopefully it gets better for everyone that feels like that. i know it hasn't happened for me yet. thanks for sharing in a strange way it helps me :)

There is one sure thing in this life.<br />
<br />
Broken hearts HURT.....more than anything in the world. To have your heart broken is one of the most horrible experiences we have to undergo in this life. <br />
<br />
At least with a cut finger or a borken leg, we can stick something on it. We can go to the hospital and undergo treatment. Other people relate better to ue because they can SEE what is wrong with us.<br />
<br />
Broken hearts consume us from in the inside out. And there is nothing we can do but embrace the pain. And ironically enough, the pain is natural, and a sign that we are going to get better.<br />
<br />
We do get better. I am walking, talking proof that life is possible after a broken heart. And it is rarely as bad the second time round, if we are unlucky enough to undergo it again.<br />
<br />
Broken hearts teach us everything we never knew about ourselves. And they DO make us stronger people. <br />
<br />
Don't stop, just slow down and accept the pain. It will be over quicker, and you can get on with your life again =)

i love your comment :) I especially love the point about it making people stronger. I can feel it making me stronger. I hate experiencing it but in a way I'm glad I did, because my perspective on life changed for the better.

I truly know how you feel. I feel numb inside. Yes it will get better, but it is so hard.

To True

No matter how hurtful you are you will just have to move on i dated someone once but she she suddenly left me and went back to her ex who had cheated on her for two years with her friend she said she was still in love with him so i had to let her go hey we just have to become the best we can be

Im so sorry--been dealing with it for a month. Everyday feelsa like someone shot me in the chest. There is NO relief. Except from another who is going through it--NOT been through it, is going through it. All we can do is cry together.

just imagine when we grow old evry one will have health problems and we cant party ,roam or njoy ,or eat watever we want...if we ruin our youth for one damn person..even if we regret that when we grow old..these days will never never come back..we wud die with da feelin all my life hav seen **** bcoz i dnt try to understand how beautiful life is..

i seriously like your comment :) thanks.

i have gone thru this..but i have found easiest way to get out of this..there were days when i felt this is the end of my life and there is nothin left.<br />
<br />
My approach is neither of remembering nor of forgetting, but of simple understanding.people say forget ex..i dont get get this.trying to forget means he is still there with u.<br />
<br />
lets say our mind is like a cup of water..if u leave it like stinks after few days like the stinking memories of ex..just keep pouring more fresh water,ideas,people,fresh crap watever it is to let the old stinking water flush out itself..after my break up i sent friend requests to school frens on facebook(guys)..said hi to each person..n started conversation..the next morning i wake up i was more intrested to know wat msgs i got..slowly when i felt am not lonely..and then started to concentrate on different things.i even forget he was once there in my life even if memories flash dnt really gave me pain.if we dont stuff ur mind wid other things then we wont forget ex even after 100 years,.

It is one of the worst pains in the world. The burning in your throat and stomach, it's just relentless. Time is the only thing that makes it better, you will feel stronger, it does pass. I wish you all the best.

this sounds pretty much exactly like what I am going through. I wanna get through it too. I know we can.

yes we will!!! lets do it! :D i believe in us.

Yes we will!!

im sorry hugs

I have been going through this with my gf for years... I know your pain :( You seem really strong and you'll get through it.

you will get through it too! :D

OMG--years?! You poor thing!

You're right...they can't understand that it physically hurts. Good for you to be at the place to be able to say that if being with you doesn't make them happy then fine....I can't get to that point. Wish I could....wish I had the guts to just walk away like he did, but instead I'm still begging...

I wish you all the best! :)

OMG--I am still begging too, i mean i write to him and he wont respond. it hurts so bad--its like what about the love we shared 3

I wish guys had the emotions tied into things that most of us do....maybe then they'd consider the love and feelings and hurt :(

hey at least in u got to experience both sides instead of being rejected by ones your first love which is very painful.

huh what happened ?

sh*t happened