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Hello. My name is Jesse. I am an 18 year old male from Canada. Before November of last year I had never been in what I would consider an actual relationship, just middle school bullshit. Since then I have dated three girls. I have treated all three of these individuals with the up most courtesy and respect. The names of these three ladies are Sadie, Janelle and Tierney. I'd like to share my stories of dating these three crazy *******. I'll start with Sadie and if anyone is interested I will share the stories I have about the other two but It wouldn't surprise me no one does.

Sadie was the very first girl that I can honestly say that I loved. I considered her my soulmate. She was dating A young fellow named Brandon when I met her. We met in a business class through a mutual friend one day and started talking in class which led to talking on Facebook then texting ect. We talked for months and the more we talked the more I fell for her. We connected very fast. The more we talked the more I learned about the current relationship she was in. Brandon verbally and physically abused her day in and day out. We would Skype and he would call and I could hear him screaming at her over the phone until the point she'd cry. She had no confidence in herself and no self esteem. Eventually she dumped him. She was broken when I got her and I spent the next six months fixing her to the point where she felt worth while. I waited hand and foot on Sadie everyday. I'd cook her breakfast in bed every time she spent the night at my house. I'd rub her back and feet whenever she wanted, listen to her ***** and complain about brandon and hold her while she cried over him ( He gave us a lot of problems even after they go up but I don't want to go into that) I even made her a special candle lit dinner for valentines day and that not even half of it I loved and cared for her more then anything. I felt complete. I finally found something good in my otherwise ****** up life. She made me happy like no other human being has before...Everything was going great until her cheer leading team started their season. She had practice four times a week plus competitions on weekends. She never had time for me which hurt me a lot for reasons I wont go into because it has nothing to do with any of these. I needed her time and attention more then anything and she just couldn't do it. This put a lot of strain on our relationship and is what eventually led to it's demise. Once cheer leading got into full swing we started fighting a lot over how she didn't have time for me. One night while she was away for a cheerleading competition and that night we were Skyping and **** hit the fan. She was being really cold hearted about how I felt and told me I was in the wrong then she muted the mic and started to talk to someone off the camera. I asked her why she wouldn't talk to me and she said she was talking to her friend about 'stuff'. I knew it was about me and I had an impeding sense of doom. The next day when she returned home she came over to visit me after a month since the last time I had. we got in another big fight and she left early because she 'couldn't deal with me' about an hour after that she has the audacity to text me and tell me she can't do it anymore because she doesn't love me another more. This was the worse pain I've ever felt in my entire life. It was like my world just shattered into a million pieces. I refused to go to school and sat in my room and listened to depression music for a week before I eventually went back to school. It killed me to see her in class. I tried so hard to make things work and she just wouldn't give me a second chance. She was so cold about the whole thing. What really hurt me was the fact that she gave her ex boyfriend brandon not one chance but three. Her reasoning behind this was that she still loved him even though he was an abusive piece of ****. I saved this girl and gave her the confidence boost she needed. I loved and cared for this girl for nine months of my life just for her to rip my heart out and whip her *** with it when things got tough. She said she cared and that she did it because she cared but in my eyes if she really cared she would've atleast tried to make it work. 1 month after this she starts seeing what was my bestfriend at the time. I didn't just loose the love of my life I also lost my best friend. He became a completely different person when they started dating and I washed my hands with him. I hate her guts now which I try and convince myself I do all the time when I think about her. I just wish things would've worked out different. 
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I've been told that so many times and i've accepted it as hard as it is

Life is rough - especially for 18 year old boys. Your gonads say you are a man, your emotions say you are a man but your experiences and your maturity level say you are still a boy. Women, on the other hand are a little further along the maturity line even though their experiences are also very limited.Also, school life tends to put boys and girls together in a way that does not match maturity levels.<br />
I am not saying your hear isn't broken. I am sure the pain is very real.<br />
I'm also sure this won't be easy advice to accept but: put these three down to experiences learned, and move on. <br />
I may be an old geezer now but I had my heart broken in my school years and I didn't think I was ready for serious dating until I was 23. I don't know that I was even then but I know I wasn't ready any sooner.