I Am Having A Hard Time Getting Over My Ex

I apologize that this post is written so poorly and completely unorganized. Its difficult putting a whole year into one post....

I am having a hard time getting over my ex. It's been a month and I cant stop wondering "why?". I know we were having some difficulties but i didn't think it wasn't something that could ha been worked through.
I will tell you that we met online. I know some people don't understand this type of relationships. Believe me before I was actually in this relationship I never understood how people could fully now the other person. He is 27 and I am 34. He pursued me and I finally relented. We became very close. Talking to each other everyday. Multiple times each day. Now here is the weird part. We never met in person. I was supposed to go meet him and the night before my flight left he freaked out, saying he was terrified that I wouldn't think he was good enough. When I told him I already knew he was good enough, he started some weird fight and i never went. we continued our relationship. I helped him through some really tough times as he dealt with his PTSD. He quit smoking drinking and partying. (He says he did it all for me) I truly believed things were moving forward to him being emotionally ready to again attempt to meet in person. Don't get me wrong. He wasn't perfect. He had very deep emotional problems. He was very critical of everything I did. I tried to blow it off and just deal with it but a lot off times I would cry (I cry very easy, which I hate). The crying would anger him more than anything. He worked on the he spoke to me and I worked on my mood swings/emotional instability. That aspect was getting better (to the point that he asked me to come see him).

The final problem was that we had very different life schedules as I work night shifts. This created, for at least 3 days a week, difficulty in communication. He insisted I was ignoring him. I assured him I wasn't. Then one day while I was on vacation with my family he randomly messaged me that it wasn't working. When I called to ask why, he said he has been avoiding talking to me. I am so confused. Was he mad because he thought I ignored him or was he ignoring me? (he had a habit of starting a fight so that I would just not talk to him instead of have a discussion about it)

Anyway, 2 weeks after not talking he sent me an email only stating that he missed me. I replied me too. Yet he is incredibly cold when I attempt to "be a friend" by asking if he was safe when there was a tornado warning in his city. I do love him but I haven't attempted even once to get him back. So its not like I'm only contacting him to get him back.

But I think of him constantly and cant get over him. Please help me to move on.
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This dude is no good. Just the part where you said he had emotional issues and made you cry because he was critical about everything you did, screw that! If someone cares there are suppose to support and uplift you, not bring you down. You just got to keep busy, my Lifes a bit empty so if you need someone to talk to just give me a shout.