Only A Month, Please Throw Some Advice!!

Month ago the love of my life decited to end it, she liked a guy from school and straight up told me! This was a major blow to my heart and everything in my life!! I couldn't sleep, wasn't eating good, lost alot of weight over two weeks! My love for her was pure and real and I was willing to go through ups and downs with her.. At times I think how can she be so heartless and do that to me but sometimes I think if she didn't want me there I dot want to be there.. The feelings are slowly dating away not sorrow still shodows my heart along with bitterness and grieving, I refuse to go near where she lives or go to the mall, I drive and extra 30 mins to go to a different one, till now I refuse going to my account on my laptop because there is endless pics of us, I don't have to guts to even look at them even though they are all in my head. I have picked up a couple of hobbies and work out till I exhaust my self so I can get a good night sleep. Please throw me some advice please:) thanks! And it feels good to share this with people goin through the same.
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Just let time pass. I know how hard that is to do. Time changes everything. You will see.

I will pray for you.


Dear EP user, I understand what you are going through. She is taking you for granted. She thinks she knows you very well and won't have to put in that extra effort to convince you to do things for her. You have laid all your cards out on the table before hand. I completely understand that this sort of thing happens when you love someone truly and they in turn stop caring for you. But you can make her feel for you again. Just smarten up. Get your head together. Be the man. Hit the gym. Go help people in need. Whatever you do in life don't, I repeat don't tell anyone, where you go, what you do. Stop thinking about her, throw her out of your system. When she is around don't even glance at her, do whatever you are doing and leave that place. Stay cool and calm. Develop interest in your activities at the point at which they overpower your thoughts for her. I have faith in you man ... you can do it.