It's crazy how someone can just leave you and move on like your relationship didn't mean anything. Whats worse is when they are ready to go have the time of their life and your completely depressed and angry with life. I wish i had never meet you, it served no purpose in the end, i was single and happy before you and now am just a wreck, thanks for bailing on me. Have a nice life.
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I get it. I had my heart broken a week ago. Do not know what to do. Can only hope time passes quickly and I will feel better. Maybe you will to. Please don't give up. I will feel awful if you do.

I won't give up, it just devastated me. I tried to be really good to her and she just left me. I just want to forget about her, I never should have let myself fall in love with her

I sympathize completly

I'm truly sorry you are hurting, I've been there as well. I think the reason it seems the way you describe is because the one who leaves or ends the relationship has "checked out emotionally" long before they actually break things off. They have already gone through those emotions and most likely started living their new life in secret while the partner has no clue that the end is near. So when they leave you, it is easy for them because they moved on long ago and the one who got dumped, since their partner wasn't honest with them prior to their departure, is left confused, hurt and alone, and then the grieving process starts for them. It is very cruel, but this is why I think it seems so easy for the other person when you are the one who was "blindsided" by the breakup. For me, TIME was the only way of healing. Even if you feel like you will never be ok, you will I promise, it just takes time and every person & relationship is different so there is no "set" amount of time. One day you will be happy again and even be glad that it didn't work out. You will then be able to see all of the negative qualities of that other person that your emotions won't allow you to see just yet! Remember, Happiness is the BEST revenge!!! Take care :)

Patience and courage! You will be yourself again :)


This post really made me feel sad =/<br />
<br />
I know exactly how you feel - myself and many, many others have suffered the same treatment at the hands of another.<br />
<br />
You are angry, distressed, depressed, lost, seems not worth the effort right now?<br />
<br />
All I can say is this....myself and others have been where you are OceansofEmotion, but we have managed to get through. You will too I hope.<br />
<br />
The pain will continue until you hit the bottom. And then it will slowly go away. It is a bit like an open wound that stings and bleeds for ages, but it slowly heals over.<br />
<br />
But dont lose hope. Hope is the one thing that will get you through this. Hope that you will get over it, meet someone else perhaps, be happy again. It can happen.<br />
<br />
Dont lose hope.