Broken Heart And Need Advice!

Went out with her for almost two years, she went to cosmetic school and somehow I knew that by her going to cosmetic school was gonna start crumbling our love, well it did... long story short, she fell for a guy that was in her class and she was going to lunch with him at lunch time all the time, yeah while I was working my *** off and contemplating about her and our future that seemed so sweet and perfect that no one could destroy such a perfect foundation that would build a home full of love and happiness... yeah I was very wrong and yes all of this dreams were crushed over night!!! she said that her love for me was no longer there and that she needed her space, space I thought.. yeah that means is time!! I took it like a men and walked off, dont get me wrong I was in love with this woman so I begged and cried, I dont think Ive cried that hard in my life, I would hear my self cry and just thought how miserable I was! I lost 18 pounds in two weeks, I could eat because I was never hungry, I couldnt sleep either.. I really fell into black days, I had to hike and work out so hard so I could exhaust me self to sleep! good part about it was that I got into good shape and lost those pounds I wanted to get rid of!! well my heart still calls for her on those lonely nights or when Im at a restaurant with my friends, sometimes I close my eyes and I hope that when I open thew she would appear next to me and share my meal as we always did and yes it brings a tear to my eyes! sometimes I think if all women are like this.. are they??? I dont think so.. I dont know... like I said my heart calls for her at all times but my mind is furious and has alot of anger towars her!!! sometimes I scream my lungs out when im in the car or out hiking, this sometimes feels like good relief. please give me some advise and let me know if I can do something different!! thank you! its very nice to know Im not the onlyone:)
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Well it does sound like you were betrayed, a lot, mostly because of your anger. Fracowr, do you no what it feels to be a female fiancé? Have you got any idea how exhausting and scary it is to think about your name 'should you change, should you not', what if your cooking's not doing it for the inlaws, what happens when wrinkles cripple the youth beauty, you have it easy.....and she didn't have your assurance about that cause you were no longer available, YOU WERE AT WORK! Now you feel you deserve someone's apology for this, well, so does she. Next time take care of the woman first before anything else.

You won't be alone forever and the pain and anger will die down, with time. I hope you felt some relief by putting your story on EP. Please believe that all women aren't like her. If there is any good to it, I suppose it would be that all this happened before you proposed or got married because divorce battles are often quite messy. Do not let the woman that hurt you so deeply own your soul. One day you will believe in love again!

Ive had my heart completely broken...i never thought id love anyone as much as I loved him...he was my life and soul and my best friend...but i promise in time you will heal there are of course ways to make you happy until your feelings slowly deteriorate for example not letting yourself ever think about it...block the thought of them from your mind and whenever you begin to think about them you challenge the negative thought in your head it makes you feel sooo much better i can promise you! you also need to cut them out of your life until you have no ulterior motive...if you stay friends with someone your completely in love with your prolonging your agony...this doesnt mean you can never be friends with them again but you need to cut them out and move on with your life giving you time for yourself before you become friends with them again. This also means one day you'll be able to be friends with them again not having hatred for what theyve done to you or love for them in a way that you want to get back together you can have a purely pleutonic friendship. if you dont cut them out yourlife youll never heal even though it feels good being friends with them in the long run you wont be able to move on and will make you continually depressed and every time you think your moving on you'll speak to them and go back 5 steps of your does suck but everyone will have a broken heart in their life but you are a strong person and can get through whatever the world throws at need to take the first step even though you cant see the whole staircase ie start moving on and even though you cant imagine being with anyone else or having those feelings for anyone else one day you will and it will be amazing but this time theyll appreciate you just as much as you appreciate them and it will be the real thing...remember G-d gives his hardest battles to his strongest will get through this but it will obviously take time but i promise if you do what i said you will look back at this in a years time and appreciate the time and memories you had with your ex as they were a big part of your life and appreciate your life for what it is and how much you have to be thankful for and in a years time your pain will be a distant memory.

well, its almost a year for me now, but my story is similar, if you read the two i have posted. I still cry everyday, and its never out of my mnd, he is still my best frind and we talk everyday. most say i should get rid of him from my life, but i just cant it hurts too much, ive watched him go on dates and heard him talk about them. i dont kno how ill go when he gets a serious relationship, ill probable die inside allover again. i'm hardly happy anymore, mostly just dead and depressed, but i put on a brave face and pretend im ok to the outside world. only time ive been happy since was when i was with my last ex, so i have tried the moving on and getting over it by loving someone else thing. i dont recomend doing it till you know your over them, as i only ended up loving 2 men, it didnt make me love the 1st any less. and i got my heart broken all over again, while it was still broken.<br />
Some say have random sex to get over it, wich might work, but i couldnt cheepen when i had with him by just putting anyone over the top of him. honestly there isnt much u can do, only keep going wth life, ether be their friend or keep them out of ur life, do something you enjoy a sport or build something, work on a project, hang with friends. anything! but keep away from stuff that really reminds you of them. if you have to think about them think about the bad, cos the good hurts more. <br />
And you never know, if you really love them, in time they may come back, even if its not soon. years down the road you might have both been through a few more partners, cross paths and have a chat. go out for coffee talk about old times, and end up together again for good. but if you find someone wonderful, dont wait for her, try and move on. I am going to ad you to my circle, ANYTIME u need to talk msg me xx