Getting Distance

Well I think the most serious relationship of my life ended over a month ago and I've been quite devastated. I don't think any man has ever broken my heart so badly. I really loved him but I don't think we speak the same language. Something has been missing since he moved away. At first he said it was temporary and now he doesn't know where he may be moving to and he doesn't want me to join him. It's sad we're going our seperate ways now after going through so much together. I don't know if I can bring myself to just be his friend. There's just too much pain right now. I decided to take a trip out to upstate NY to visit my Aunt for a month and it was really good for me and took me out of my world for a little bit to get some wonderful distance and it reallyd id help me cope with this failed relationship.Now that I'm back I have a plan. I'm going to change and redesign my bedroom and say out with the old and in with the new! I am making the best of a difficult situation. I am determined to find happiness again!
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

You are on the right path! And you should know, that taking care of yourself is the most important thing so that you can then share your ultimate self with another. Look how smart you are!

Thanks I do see myself eventually dating again. Right now I owe it to myself to just find peace within myself and I've been reading more than ever and enjoying my time.

Thanks I'm feeling strong about half of the time, the other half is a painful uphill battle to lift myself out of this heartbreak but with time I think my heart will mend. A nice ego boost has been having this trusted friend tell me he's interest in dating me but I just don't think it feels right but it definitely made me realize that when I'm ready I am a strong contender in the dating arena. Also another funny thing is that I am really enjoying being free of being in a relationship.

So proud of you, your a role model for most of us :) keep it up x