How Do You Mend What The Heart Wants?

I'm an amazing guy, caring, loving, thoughtful, considerate, I place all her need above my own. Yet what happened was there was another guy, someone who I taught was a friend, and whom she left me for, how, how can someone do that, spend all that time with you, and decide, hell its over, I want someone else, I want what they have to offer....yet my heart hurts so much, that it's impossible not to cry, tears cant stop flowing even as I type, it just hurts ever so much, and now what...I feel lonely, upset, hurt, I don't even know what the rest of my life will be like now, does this pain ever really stop? and if so, would the only outcome...only way to stop it...make it alright?
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You first need to realize the emotions you feel are natural. You then need to learn you are not these emotions. It may take time for this to sink in, but it is the truth. What you are feeling is nature taking its course in the grieving process. You long for the person who was in your life and feeling this will be a reoccurring process that you will go through. However, remember that the universe is ALWAYS on your side and you can ask it for whatever support you need. It is always with you because you, in turn, are it.

You do not know it yet, but you have been presented with an unbelievably positive learning opportunity. Part of it, will be to see yourself and your needs, along with the other person's, in your next relationship. Your focus is entirely on the other side of the equation at the moment, but in time and with work you will reach a place of realization that for anything in your life to be extraordinary, you have to first make sure YOU are okay. I will tell you right now, that if an opportunity ever comes up, I will be willing to bet you a million dollars that if you first nurture yourself and eliminate whatever worries you have in your life, you will have to do little to no work to attract the opportunities you desire - relationship or otherwise.

This too shall pass. Focus on healing. Feel your emotions until they pass. Sometimes, you will have to force them to pass. Think about what you are learning. Then think about what your ultimate self would feel, look like and think about in is difficult situation. I promise if you follow these ideas, you will begin your path toward enlightenment.

One last thing - ask for guidance. Think it. Verbalized it. It will be delivered.

Be well.

as times passes by your pain will lessen until there is nothing left of it. you will try hard to remember how you felt at this time but like many things with the passing of time it will be but a distant memory. hope you feel better.