The Heart That Is Broken Into Smallest Pieces

When ever i look into your eyes all i want to do is cry
your smile, your laugh your everthing, you ingnore me
i just dont know why
i try to be in your life as much as i can
you just dont seem to care
im your number one fan
four years now ive been in this city
wanting and needing you more and more
and i still dont have you, what a pitty
i cry myself to sleep and imagine you with me
i just cant take it anymore
i put the gun to my head as i know your in love with her
and *bam* my agony and pain is gone, you never even knew me..
evasanchez610 evasanchez610
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

Amazing writing. Do you see it? The talent you possess. A broken heart is an interesting thing. It is an awfully painful emotion, but that is just it - an emotion. We allow ourselves to drown in negative emotions because it makes the ego feel alive. It is like glue. Instead of congratulating you further on your amazing poem, I will tell you a secret: you are not your emotions. Take time to feel what it is you are feeling. See where the hurt resonates, is it in your heart and your stomach? Those are powerful energy points. Based on your words, I can tell you you are powerful in these energies. Learn to manage them, because they are there only to assist you. Trust the process. If you do, I promise you will be presented with enlightenment of who it is you are and why you are. This is a lesson presented to you at exactly the right time. It chose you, because it knows if your work through it, you will then be equipped to do something amazing. Something onlymyounwere meant to do.

This is truly a lovely message, one which I can personally relate to, and one which makes sense to me on a number of different levels.

its sad but true feeling..
i am going through the same situation from last one year and now just want to end dis pain..and pray to god give us strength to overcome whatver we are going through...

Beautiful post.<br />
<br />
Sad but beautiful. You've got talent.<br />
<br />
Hope you get through what you are going through right now.