The Girl I Will Do Anything To Get Back

hi my name is a secret back you ca call me the ame of my favorite person aang there is this girl i use to go with name delaney i brike her heart because she didnt ow some things about me that i didnt wat her to find outwhe she said lets just be friendds it broke my heart and then 1 week later she tells me why she said i always see you hugging this girl and i said who so she pointed at her and i said thats my cousin but she didnt belive me so i went to go and get her but she still didnt belive and now since i made that deal with satan its been hard trying to get her back and when i die i told satan if i didnt get my true love back if i go to hell i will kill him with his own stick..
lilq2965648 lilq2965648
13-15, M
Sep 12, 2012