Life Is Hopeless

I'm at the end of my rope...The girl I would give my entire world for doesn't respect me as a person anymore, all because my former friend decided to tell her everything before I could tell her in she hates me and I have been depressed beyond all hope these past few days...a few of my friends have tried to talk to her but I guess she just doesn't want me back in her life...what should I do???
UnlimitedLove UnlimitedLove
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5 Responses Sep 14, 2012

there is one of the sayings if it may help u, its "if your love goes away, let it go. if it comes back it was always yours... n if it does not, it was never yours"....

what is going on? is this a private discussion?

I honestly, do miss you

...... i dont hate you.....

well that depends. are you able to tell me or inbox me what you did, that your friends told her before you had the chance to?