What Do You Do When Your Best Just Isnt Good Enough?

i once loved a girl with everything i had, we had fun together for a time, then one day she left me without any lead up what so ever. im glad she came into my life and everything she did for me good and bad but it still hurts everyday...
Sartith Sartith
18-21, M
5 Responses Sep 15, 2012

so sorry

i understand ur pain but on my side he did not leave but he died that means even a glimps of touch from him is not there...all i am left is memories of his love....so be patient love is on its way and much better than that...

i hear ya, things will get better soon though, one day you will find the girl of your dreams and you'll be the man of hers! Some girls just don't understand what they have until its gone, she'll look back on what she had with you one day, probably after someone has really broken her heart, and she'll realize she let one of the good ones slip right through her fingers.

I feel your pain man it hurts its happend to me once

One day the pain will fade away into a distant memory just give it time. ((hugs))