Girl Is 5 Years Older Then Me...

Guys,i have been with a girl for almost a month before we broke up,she is 22 and i'm 17... Yes its weird,but we love each other,we click so much,countless times it has happened that she thinks what i say and opposite. We were together for a month as i said,but i have the feeling she is the girl for me,even if she's 5 years older and stuff,i'm also very mature,everyone said that to me,and that's because i was always alone in my life,my father was never there for me,neither was my mother,i don't have brother or sister,and i'm not really a social person,i don't hang out with a lot of people. Anyways we met on the sea and everything was perfect,we didn't have to hide there because nobody knew us. But after 20 days we came back to our city and we tried to keep the relationship going because we both fell in love and we were and still are meant for each other. But it has fallen apart,too much pressure on her,her parents don't allow it at all,and she doesn't want to always hide the relationship. After we broke up,we stayed in touch for 2 days,and last night we were talking on skype with camera and i asked her what time it is,she put her phone in front of the camera and i saw the time and she also showed me her wallpaper,it was 2 cats hugging and watching the moon. When we were together every night we would hug and hold each other and look at the moon... I also showed her a Piglet doll she gave me and we both started crying... and after that we decided that it was the best to never talk to each other again or send text messages... We both wrote a goodbye message and that's it... I really need advice guys because i know she is the perfect girl for me,she is everything i ever wanted,she made me happy and not feel alone,she is also my first love... Can some1 please tell me what to do?? I don't want advice like forget her and there is plenty of fish in the sea... I want an answer where you tell me what really to do and how to get her back... I don't think this story is gonna end like this,we r meant for each other,we will get back together when i grow up,i will make sure it will be like that... But i don't want to wait and i don't want to be with other girls because i know that no other girl will ever be like her,just perfect!! She also suffered before me with a guy,they have been dating for 6 months and they found out they r cousins...That's why she broke up:?? Please some1 tell me what to do guys,i'm desperate and i don't want to be alone again!! Please some1 tell me what to do besides to forget her!!!
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

wow! this is tough. i suggest you wait till u're eighteen and a certified adult and if you really are serious about her, you can then talk to her parents about it. at least then they can't call you a minor. if after pouring your heart out to her parents, they are still defiant, then its up to the girl to make her choice. to either stand the disapproval and be with u or shrink to the corner. then if she doesnt want to be with you, you move on becos i assure u, u dont want to be with some1 who is ashamed of u. if it doesnt work out, you will find another you can love just as much or even more than her even though the person wont be quite like her. i know u think i dont know how you feel and all but belive me, u will find another.your life is just begining