Here We Go Again.

I dated a guy for 5 years. We lived together for almost the entire 5 years. We were young. We broke up in 07. It was a terrible, unhappy relationship. I haven't been involved in a good relationship ever since. I dated a guy for about 1.5 years (I refer to him as the one that got away for some reason), and another for about 1 year, another guy for about 1.5 years, and most recently I dated a guy for 6 months. The most recent one seemed to be the real deal. We had plans to move in together, I was going to have my tubes untied so he could have a child of his own, we were going to get married, etc. Too bad he was still ******* his ex wife. I assumed they were done since they had been divorced for 4 years. My mistake. I feel like I have truly lost faith in humanity for good. They divorced because she was cheating on him. He took her back, she cheated again. Now he is the cheater. What the ****. I am disgusted and devastated. I seriously fantasize about physically harming both of them so that they can hurt like they hurt me. She knew he had a girlfriend, and she also had a boyfriend when they decided to go away to a romantic night at a bed and breakfast together while I was at work by the way. There aren't any innocent people besides me here. That is what I get for believing in someone for once I guess. And what a convincing liar he was too. A real Casanova. Apparently I am a sociopath magnet. Yay.
barelyescaped barelyescaped
31-35, F
Sep 16, 2012