Was Crazy In Love, Got Pregnant Then He Left Me And Now He Is Thinking Of Coming Back.

So my story starts about a year and a half, almost 2 years ago. I meet this guy online and we where crazy about each other, after a couple months I go to his place and I stayed there for a month, then when my visit was over I went home, then not even a month later i move in with him into his dads place.

Everything was going just fine then after me living there for about 4 months we found out I was pregnant, we told his dad and he took it really bad so we moved into my grandmas basement in the city were my family is.

He dropped out of school and couldn't hold a steady job here, and as far as i knew we were still crazy in love and we wanted to get married after the baby was a little older and we could afford it, we even looked at rings to give each other. Our living agreements were that he worked and i took care of the house and he said that he would do all the cooking because i don't know how to really cook anything. While i was pregnant, it was really hard for me to do the dishes because standing for too long made my belly and back hurt a lot and there was so much bending to do because we had to wash in the bathroom and the only place to put the newly washed dishes were in the tub, so the dishes would sit for sometimes a week because it was hard for me to do. When i would ask for help ( he would sit on the closed toilet and i would pass the dishes to him and he would put them in the tub) he would just get pissed and did them himself, even when I couldn't bend down to pick up his clothes off of the floor he would get mad because he was playing a video game.

Because of the living arrangements we had to move out of my grandmas basement before my baby arrived, well the month before i was due my Ex lost his job... he did go searching, sent out like 50 resumes then sat at home for like 2 weeks, the whole time I was telling him to go send out more and he would get mad.
Then after a while he started getting mad that i would ask him to make something for supper or a snack or something. I did make supper from time to time but the last month that we were together he just got more and more frustrated with me. for about a week straight he kept asking me " we need to move into my moms place because I am going to be kicked out on the street and I cant find a job here."

I would never let him be kicked out on the street and I didn't want to move away from my family when i was due in like 3 weeks, and the only way that I could get out to his moms is by a 3 day bus ride when sitting for 5 hours is extremely painful for me! so i was going to sign up on welfare but he was totally against it so i put it off...... then at the end of the week, he said that he was going to leave with, or without me. so I said that i would go with him.... well at the time we only had enough for one ticket to get there, he said soon as i get there i will get a job and bring you out too, don't worry i am not breaking up with you i love you and our baby so much. so he left, gave him some food money, there was about $200 left in our bank account that was meant for me.

after the 3 day ride he was out there, i tried talking to him but he didn't seem to want to talk to me much, like one reply texts and only wanted to talk on the phone for a min or two... then i asked him why he was acting like this and he broke up with me 3WEEKS before i was due, and he left me $20 in the bank account for a cab ride to the hospital....i asked him why the only answer he really gave me was that i don't cook and clean enough and that i was 'mentally abusive' but never told me how i was... that really effing killed me,from then i started getting really high blood pressure.. like **/89... so i tried my best to be as stress free as possible.

so i eventually have our baby, blood pressure at **/115 so i am on pills, because he was not there to sign that he is the father i couldn't put his information down and when i told him that he got pissed and accused me of cheating and denied our baby. that killed me even more...

then when I told him I am signed up with legal aid and I have an appointment with the lawyer next month he said i don't need to anymore and that it his kid, i am still going to the appointment and taking him to court for child support.....

What my problem now is that, I still miss him and kinda want him back..... But he has hurt me so much so i know that it isn't the best idea to be thinking it... then just over a week ago we got into a little tiff, my mom started talking to his mom... and his mom said that he was looking at apartments out here online because he wanted to be closer Jeremiah (my son) and also because he missed me....... one other problem... HE HAS A GIRL FRIEND that he says online that he thinks he loves her already..... because i was thinking before that i still want him back and now hearing this I am SO CONFUSED!! Now i am hoping that he does move back out here because he wants too and we can start fresh but he has a gf so I dont know if he is just using her or what,..... can anyone please help me?? i was also thinking of writing him a letter asking why he said that and what he was actually planning on doing. should i send it or what?
roxanneb111 roxanneb111
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2012