What Did I Ever Do To Them :,(

me and my friends had know these guys for a long time... i liked one his name was Tyler. : ( he and his friends thought it would be funny to rate us 1-4. 4 being the worst he started hugging my friend.. i didnt think much about it (but i should of :,(....) then he started calling us like beatiful ya know the typical boy... but he started pointing at me and calling me a 4 all of the sudden out of the blue... they he pushed me >:0 i yelled at him so the next day he broke up with me and my "friends" started making fun of me : ( not only that but he started dating my best friend who tried to beat me up in a bathroom i might add. then he postes all over the school how ugly i was.... i mean come on seriously how retarted.. well when i went to get books out of my locker he.... walked up with my friend and started kissing her ;( that hurt the most... when my brother foung out he was so mad but i ended up making new friends and yea im here to tell u broken heart hurt but u will find someone... who cares and doesnt treat you like crap. if i can get though that u can get through what ever happend to you.... i know the hardest thing to do is watch the one you love love someone else i know.. your not alone
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2 Responses Sep 22, 2012

Your never to young to experience love. Love has no age.

ur far too young for love hun. just have fun , ur young . dont look for any serious relationships , just have fun :) xo