Still Bleeding

You moved on so quickly and left me behind, in pain. Everything you said to me, all the promises, they all burn my mind. Every memory with you, torture. I felt and believed you were the one. Now you tell me how you see me- "like family"- and my stomach lurches at your words. You say no one in your life has stuck around, but I have stuck around through an incredibly turbulent year and a half plus our break up despite all the pain I was in.

You don't realize how much you have, and continue to hurt me.

I don't want to leave you like everyone else... so maybe I need to build my walls back around my heart... for both of our sakes.
thereisnothingwrongwithyou thereisnothingwrongwithyou
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

im sorry you feel this pain. the person below is right, harsh but right. they dont, im in the same boat. you cant do anything about it. im still suffering. it's hard, it's surreal, it's lots of things. the memories are painful, yep, deeply painful. im not going to feed you with all the cliches, keep busy and see friends, look after yourself, because, even as i am doing, it still doesnt take the pain away but there is no other choice.
the hardest part is getting your head around how someone CAN just move on, forget about you, get into another relationship. fact is, you cant understand how they can because we're all different and some people just move on quicker than others....hard yet true x

Someone doesn't love you? Tough break, they'll never will. It takes time, but one day you'll rise above the ashes once more. It's not about how much you can dodge, but how many times can you get up after each blow. Don't cry for someone who won't cry for you.