Heart Broken And Confused

I have been with my husband for nearly 4 years, i have a 5 year old daughter that he has been father to, and the only father she has ever known. i felt like we had a very loving relationship, 4 weeks ago we were legally married and in 6 weeks we were planning on going overseas for our big wedding however a week ago he ended it all, he was so cold toward me and spoke to me in a way that he has never spoken to me before, i was (and still am) in so much shock, on the wednesday we were going through our wedding songs, then thursday he bought me a bunch of roses into my work and told me he loved me then friday night he called me from work and said it's over, he doesnt want to give me another chance and he doesnt want to try counselling. i was hystercial and mortified, this came out of no where! then i found out he has been speaking to another woman online for the last 6 months and is in love with her! he is moving to be with her, he is leaving me and my daughter who absolutley adores him! im so heart broken i dont know what do with myself. i feel humilated! i have to cancel our whole wedding and tell all our guests. i cant sleep or eat and i feel sick in my stomach. i never though he would do this to me, i know this girl she used to live here and her ex was my husbands boss and friend, he was at our legal ceremony! i dont know what to do with myself. im scared of being alone and im finding this so hard to deal with :-(
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I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I had to cancel my wedding two months ago because I found out my fiance and bf of 5 years had been cheating on me. It's an awful feeling and no one can begin to understand your pain. Time will be your best healer and hopefully in time you'll find the silver lining. Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk too. I know it can feel lonely at times. My heart goes out to you.

thank you :-) i appreciate it. and i'm sorry u had to go through the same thing x

I am in the same situation.. I have no idea what to do.. We haven't spoken at all and he told me to never talk to him again.. and he hasnt sad a word to me

I'm sorry to hear that, it's his loss though. Better things will come ur way :-) men suck! Lol

that is sad that he can just change his mind like that his heart must not have been in it i hope you find true love soon

Oh my gosh~ how terrible...I'm so sorry you're going through this. What awful timing he has but at least now you know.My boyfriend that promised We'd soon discuss marriage,broke up with me two months ago and it was so shocking because I truly believed that the search was over and we'd be together forever.It's pretty shocking when the person you pictured forever with just all of a sudden ends it. It's been pretty earth shattering for me but I can't imagine on top of the heartbreak all the responsibility to provide everyone with an explanation of why you're not getting married after all the planning. Do you think he sabotaged your relationship because it was too much committment for him?Have you sat down face to face to talk or is he shutting you out entirely?
The amount of emotions you must be facing has got to be exhausting, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Just remember it's not so much what happens to you that defines us but how we handle it. Find support through any close friends you have to get through this.

thank you :-)

I am so sorry for your pain. I am praying that God touches and blesses your heart. Guess what? When he finds out that he " Has This Other Woman ", he will do it to her too. When he does come calling you again, and it will happen, I pray that God touches your soul. God is preparing you to be strong. To get yourself right and to be with your daughter, who needs you now more than ever. Get yourself plugged in, try going on www.cbn.com I know what you are going through, the pain, and can't get the situation off your mind. You know now that you don't want a man who plays around, and does not value what he has. That is Right- Had. I have a feeling you get yourself right first, and daughter of Jesus, a man God will give you who will vaue, and life you up. God will help you pick you up, and dust you off, so you can get on with you, and your daughter.
~ Lynne~

Christ, i'm so sorry you had to go through this. As a man, i feel compelled to apologize for the absolute STUPIDITY of those that don't know when they have it so good, like it seems with this guy here. If you ever need an ear to tug, or a shoulder to cry on, drop me a line, i'll listen. :(

iI know how it feels , because i have had a bad luck to meet such a BIG LIAR in my life ... he lied me all the time , about marriage , how special i am etc ... untill i found out he has many relationships , im not the one he wants to marry with ... Anyway , i believe every lier will get what he deserves !
You'll find someone special , good luck to you !

He'll get his in the end! And you'll find a Real man, one that will stand by you and your little girl! Trust me, I've been there! (:

thank you :-) karma is a wonderful thing lol

I do feel your pain,remember you and I pretty much share the same nightmare.You heard the saying what goes around comes around.It will for him in due time.I'm a good listener if you ever need to talk.Take care

thank you waymor :-) i think we have a lot in common. and same here if u need to talk

that is a horrible circumstance to be in, people like him you'll find will never find inner peace or happiness, all i can really say is stand strong, your daughter would look up to you more then you probably realise, show her how to remain strong, you have my support

thank you :-)