Wounds Of Love

What do i tell my eyes who say they can't do without seein u,,
how can i tell them that u were just a dream that has no place in reality
I had earned my love for u by demeaning all the worldly fears and obstacles
i had found u by letting go God
The boat that travels in the sea of love
why does it always fail to find it's harbor?
You don know ur love has wounded my heart beyond the heal
You don know i have lost my sleep coz of u
Wakin up in the middle of night to find u not by my side
is the new way how i spend my nights,,,,,,,
ask these stars and they'll let u know,
if u can't read it from my brow,,
I don want to live that moment when ur not in front of my eyes
i don want to breathe that moment,,,
i'd prefer to die,,,,
Once in love ,u can't turn ur back
coz if u do ,,my soul becomes lifeless
it gets purposeless
and all around and forever it gets hopeless,,,,,,,,,
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4 Responses Oct 4, 2012

a very heartfelt write ..you pen your thoughts beautifully..



touchy words!

romantic touching story veer.:)...... u alwys writes painful romance story............frm heart