well my story is weird i m a 18 year old,saw aguy in my gym fell in lovewid him d very minutei swhim but as i thought he ws too good lookin and dude like i never had the guts too even talk to him.timewent on,one day i found him smilin at me thought he too liked me ,my dayws made,bt den 1day my college session sarted suddenly had to rush to the hostel,never had the time to say him goodbye.saw him in market once or twice but could nvr talk,its been 8 monyhs to dis thing ,nw a few days back saw him sittin in a cafe close to my house,couldnt resist,went inside talked to him ,he asked me out4 coffee,i went and d date went perfectly its now been 3 daysno msgs4m him ,i dont kno wat happened wrong,i m so upset,i cant msg him coz i bein a gal will sound despo,he is goin to another city 4 2 yrs n so wont b able to meet him again . i m totally haertbroken so much dat i cant stop cryin n askin god y in d world did i meet him wen dere ws nothin between us,  i m so dead and scared
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18-21, F
May 11, 2007