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NO, I am VERY broken hearted right now and the pain is almost unbearable. We'd know each other as friends for 5 years before he told me he wanted to settle down and get to know each other without drugs or alcohol. I didn't have those problems but he did and I did everything in the world to get him off the ****  he was on. In the end I was treated like some dog, and the mental and emotional abuse was too hard to take anymore. Especially when my grandson was born. That little boy just woke me up and made me see what REALLY mattered in life. Your family,  not a paerson who'd done nothing but hurt and play head games for 4 years. Here's the truly pathetic part....even though he jumped right into bed with someone else a month after I kicked him out..... I still miss him very very much. Can someone please explain that to me? I'm bi polar and can't seem to get over this ended relationship.
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I was with someone for 2 years who had a severe meth addiction(he shoots up) well, I am now 5 months pregnant with his baby but I ended things at 2 months preg. when i found out he cheated on me(I WILL NEVER FORGIVE A CHEATER, I AM TOO LOYAL A PERSON) Well, let me just tell you that being with a drug addict is such an abusive relationship, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes physically. He would say how much he loved me and then disappear for days on a binge, that itself was torture I put myself through because I thought I could help him and I really loved him. He is such a sick person, consumed with addiction, it is really sad but I try to not feel bad for him because we all have a choice to quit and nobody can make anyone quit they have to do it themselves. The same goes for relationships because being with someone is like being on a drug you know and when he disrespected me and hurt me worse than ever,enough was enough ,and I finally quit him. My baby is truly what really matters in my life. I do miss him all the time but he was no good for me and especially abusive to himself . I really hope he realizes how bad his addiction to meth has ****** up his life,caused him to lose his girl and his child, and how much his addiction has hurt people who love him.

I know how you feel..I am not bipolar (or so my counselor tells me..) but I had a similar experience (twice) with women...the last one I got engaged to and we planned to get marry....I was going to adopt her 5 yr old daughter...but then I found out she was cheating on me and her daughter was lying to me about things (her mom was giving her $1 a day to lie!!)....it sucks! I am a nice guy, never hit a woman, dont do drugs and am a light social drinker..but I always get used and hurt...where are you located at? I am in Texas...if you want to chat, let me know. I am 48 and single...and am looking for friends.