Shattered Heart

i cant sleep, lonely just got out of a pretty bad relationship with a girl i thought really cared, we had so much in common, wud stay up for hrs just talkn sometimes, then things started changing fast, she says one day she just wants to b friends only, it broke my heart cuz she just told me a week b4 she loved me, we had a terrible fight n i left, never did i think she wud text n tell me to leave her alone, i am so confused as to what i did, why cudnt she tell me to my face, i tried calln her but she dnt answer my calls, i cant go on like this, not knowing what i did or if i cud have saved us, now i got insomnia almost every night just missing my friend/lover
latinlaydey latinlaydey
46-50, F
Nov 16, 2012