Amaury & Hazard!!!!!!!!

******* DAMN YOU TWO!!!!! AMAURY YOU LEFT MY SISTER FOR HER,FOR ******* HER!!!!!!! YOU MUST BE THE MOST DUMBASS~IDIOT~BREAKING~HEARTS~WOLF I'VE EVER KNOWN!!!! AFTER YOU TAKE ME TO MY SISTER,THEN TO LOUISIANA,THEN YOUR GONE!!!! GOT IT?!? I HOPE YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE REGRETTING WHAT YOU DID TO HER! Hazard I hope your happy with him. And Amaury I'm kicking your *** when I see you! All is mended and forgiven for me to Amaury and Hazard. I won't delete this story in my sisters honor,but I forgive you two.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
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Amaury is a member of my pack and I won't let you speak bullshit about him! He had his reasons and he does still love Oak.

Don't care. I'll say what I want to. But I've sort of mended this anyway. All is forgiven for Amaury, at least for me.

Just leave the boy alone now...

I have. It's over,what's done is done. I can't break these two up,I have no intentions on breaking them up anyway. But I stand by my sister in this,he broke her heart. I have forgiven him. So get off my case!

He had his reasons... Goldie.

Hey I know that what he did was'nt right but I talked to him ad he had reasons ok, he did not want to hurt anyone goldie. Listen to him, he has a reason, he loves oak but more of a kin way and hazard as a mate, I know that she is your sister but you have to understand that he does love her just not in that way. Would you stop mates loving each other? What if it was you ad drake? Se this from is poit of view, udersad tha it hurt him too. But he loves hazard as you love drake. And oak, know he does love you, he sees you as his sister and that it may not be the type of love you want but it is love ok.

ok people they are ahppy together is that wrong?


If your not Amaury,Oak,or Hazard,shut up.

uh im hazards best friend

What... happened?

Don't worry about it. This story is for Hazard and Amaury.


So I'm guessing no peaceful way to gtfo of drama?