Listen Drake and I are together now. Nothing,NOTHING not even you,will break us apart. You had your chance,you blew it! You broke my heart,deal with it. I'm sick of you messing with Drake. Do it one more time,I WILL KILL YOU! I'm not ******* kidding! You got it!?! Your starting to **** me off,and you know what I do to people who **** me off? I kick their ***! For you,it'll be so much worse. Watch your tounge around me if you still want to talk. I'll kick your *** myself. STOP MESSING WITH DRAKE!!! I WILL KILL YOU! Shut the hell up! This isn't a threat,it's a promise. And he's MINE to deal with. I will kill him on my OWN!
Goldpaw Goldpaw
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

calm down we dont want any more blood

There will be if he messes with Drake!!!!!!!

And ill help her!

Me too!!

I don't need help. He's MINE to kill!!!

Ok well i want to witness...

Fine. Take pictures!! ^^

You guys can kick the crap out of him though,I get the kill. Have fun!


Yes! WIN!! ^-^


Awww v.v

MINE!!!! *growls* I need it!!!

Mk? So who we killing?

Fine! *pouts* -3-

^-^ :d

newishwerewolf is his username. and again. Dibs on blood drinking.

Well take pictures that'd be nice ^_^

^-^ will do sparty. :D ... :d

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