How Can Anybody Just Leave And Not Feel Sorry

Tell me how can you move on when everything about you was offered and rejected by the man you loved? How can my ex just say, "I moved on so should you. I want nothing to do with you" when he was the one who cheated and lied and spread rumors about me?

How can you just forgive that guy? How can you forgive yourself for getting into this mess?
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He prob jus saved u from the biggest tragedy of ur life. Sometimes i wish thats wat my man shud habe dun. Not play with my heart n keep playin me with the same ppl... this is a drpression that will heal as soon as YOU move on. If he feels the love was not worth lasting then tje problem is his. Ur love is worth more then that. We dont jus move on, u need to learn from it nd find the NEW you. So u know wat ur offering to the next one.. Keep ur head,up.. He isnt worth it

I know how you feel. I was in a relationship for four years with my daughters dad. We had a fight oneday and he left and went to his moms. We talked everyday and he promised that he was getting himself together and that he was coming home. Well days turned to weeks and weeks to months. He never came back. I found out he was seeing another girl. I could'nt understand how he could just leave me and his family like that. His favorite thing to say to me was "It is what it is" I hated that saying so much. It took me at least a year to get over him. The same thoughts went through my mind too. How could he? Now im in a new relationship and I couldnt be more happier. You will get through this.

Thank you! I know I will. It just takes time.

How do your forgive yourself? Remember, men who treat us this way are almost always the most amazing actors ever, forget about Hollywood, seriously, they deserve awards for their amazing abilities to gain our trust and somehow get us to fall for them and give them our hearts, our bodies and our love (and often enough our money/food/etc.) Please, please, please do not blame yourself for trusting someone who did not deserve you. Those of us who have been there understand that when we are in that position of caring for another suddenly all those red flags are invisible and we forget that men are almost always dogs (forgive me but very often even the "good" ones.) I wish you peace and strength!

Thank you! I find it hard to forgive myself, that I let myself get into this mess. I didn't think, I just went hard all the time. I thought he loved me. I really did. I gave my best not realizing that I have to see if he's worth it.

I know, believe me, I know. I thought he loved me also. His eyes seemed to sparkle when he made eye contact with me and the way that he would hold my face when he kissed me made me think that we would be together forever. It hurts, I know that it hurts so much that there are no words. You are not the only person trying to forgive herself!

Is this the same guy you write of in How do you stop feeling empty.

Yes. Unfortunately...

You can forgive yourself by not allowing yourself to be vulnerable to a person like that again. Kill him with kindness. Make yourself happy.

Love your comment, not like, LOVE

honey things happpend u should move on make yourself wonderful and show th him let him know how good u are and by the way your happyness is the most powerful weapon to against him so back up girl

I will. Just takes time. He brags on bagging girls now, saying that they're hotter and uncomplicated than me. I know it was my fault somewhere too but it's hard letting myself get into this.

Responses like this **** me off. "Just move on..." if it was that easy, don't you think she would have done that and wouldn't have typed this post?

I know all too well what your going through. I was with a man for almost 3 years, I raised his 2 children (i have none of my own). He broke up with me this past march, and met a girl around the same time he broke up with me. He married her 2 months and 3 weeks later. I gave him damn near 3 years. She gave him less than 3 months.

It's now December, and I'm still trying to mend my heart. It takes so much time. It really does. I occupy my time with work. I work and go home 7 days a week. I don't date because I know I would be doing it just to fill a void. Some men, regardless of how much you do for them, or how good you are to them, are simply heartless. They don't appreciate anything the person who truly loved them does for them. My ex even told his mother to **** off and told the kids that they will never see her again because of his wife. His wife drove a massive wedge between him and his friends/family.

Your ex is going to feel your pain sooner or later. Karma doesn't miss a damn thing.

Thank you @TiffBoise! It is super hard to move on and everybody moves on with their life differently. I wish you the best. How are your kids? Hope that you will get out there soon! My relationship last a year but he was a huge part of my life, we know each other for 2 years since I moved to the city.

Thank you!