Getting Over You

6 AM :I woke up today and something was different,like there's been a cloud of your essence following me,
but this morning it began to clear
Suddenly you weren't  my first thought and neither my last
10 AM:Someone said your name and it didn't hurt as much and by lunch time you were on my mind again
Its the way you'd make me laugh till i'd cry I begin to miss
9 PM:Its bedtime and you're on my mind again,
I start to think about you,your eyes,the feel of your skin,the whisper of your breath  and the joy within your smile.
Sigh...i'm thinking of you,I miss you
6 AM:I wake up the next morning and it starts again
But a glimmer of hope shines within my heart
Its getting easier to live without you,its getting easier to not care
I stare longingly into the mirror and think to myself
Slowly but surely i'm getting over you.
RoseAmongThorns RoseAmongThorns
18-21, F
4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

I enjoyed your your story, and i hope i can feel the same way soon.

I experience the same thing too. I wake up in panic of being alone and running into my ex with his new, sexy gf after a month of breaking my heart. Then after I calmed down, I would feel better knowing I deserve better.

I had a new low when I initiated the contact. I missed him so much. And of course, he said, "I haven't tried to contact you in a month or two, stop trying." It was embarrassing and hurtful! But yeah I'm slowly getting over him.

Hope you feel better.

Thank you

I have enjoyed what you have written and I thank you for sharing!