Under Repair :)

Broken :))
so we need to repair. But, seldom that is true. I think, heart can break only once, after that it remains broken..if you want to rejoin,,fine lines remain visible. Maybe, someone can come up with a solution, no crease no pain, apply and all those heart breaks disappear :))
Seriously, it is a huge problem, if this kind of failure leads to traumatic experiences in life. My nephew had a crush on a girl, she is okay and moved on in her life, poor guy he is still waiting for her ! Sometimes, I wonder if he is okay or not. I mean, the girl obviusly left, it is like he is waiting for the breeze to return, the rainfall to become clouds that float, the sun to return the circles ..It has been now 10 years..how long..will he wait..he is lost..totally..and now he has become a dead body moving like a zombie..only he doesn't kill anyone..but you never know..when he visits us, we are a bit alert..my husband thinks we should never leave him alone, as he may commit suicide!
Why..people love those who will nevr love them back..we should think..what is our range..but I feel..heart never does undertand these economic and social levels..just falls in love....too bad..
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Dec 1, 2012