Loves Only A Game Blind People Play To Hurt Recent Story

I recently broke up with my boyfriend after 6 years. In reality he indirectly broke-up with me but he never had the courage to spill it out and say those damn words. A month later and I continuously want to call him but I don't!!, because I know we made the right choice in ending it. It kept being more about him and more about me and nothing about us. What I don't get is why two people could fall in love and stay in love when the relationship was falling apart. Shouldn't all the crap put an end to the feelings? Instead I'm grieving as if someone died. One day I'm angry, happy, sad, some days I'm everything depending on the time of day. It's a shame we didn't know how to make it work. Everyday I wonder if I'm slowly moving on or expecting that time will bring us back together and can anyone move on when they're actually just waiting or will a long enough wait be enough to forget? I don't want to meet some guy and have him be the reason I forget, this needs to be done on my own but men hear you're single and they practically pounce on you ( not the right men of course). Which leads me to wonder if he's having a great old time getting over me with other chicks. It's why I deactivated my facebook I really don't need to know what he's doing any longer. The only connection I currently have with him is that my cell phone is still under his bill. I called him and told him we could take care of this, he agreed, said he would call me back and he hasn't yet (It's been a while already 2 wks perhaps). Either he doesn't want to cut the only thread connecting us or he's too busy getting laid to even realize he's paying his ex-gf's cell bill....right?? AHHH!!! driving myself crazy, who cares about the cell at the end of the day. Who needs romantic love?, I already knew Romeo was ******* dead and these days Juliet has walked away, found a job, got invitro, and forgot she enjoyed his company. Huh, bitter me I know. 
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Dec 1, 2012