He Hates My Son

We were together just over a year. He has 3 children and so do I. We both had rough divorces. My ex is alcoholic and nearly died last year. He survived necrotising fasciitis but lost his leg. Just to give you an idea of what my children have been through. His children cope with their parents arguing much of the time (by text) and a lot of hatred on their dads part. We were so in love and it was the most beautiful thing. All the kids said how in love we were. Then he confessed that he hates my son. I can't cope with this and ended it. I am so broken hearted. I thought he loved me enough but it would seem that it was not enough. It's just over two weeks now and I still feel raw. He is texting me that he misses me. I have not replied. I am so heartbroken.
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i hate his face!!!!! i know how this feels my former fiance said she would never love my son because of the "filthy hole he was born from" she hated my ex wife if you cant tell sooo i did the right thing and ended it and my son comes first if a partner cant respect that CYA

What a terrible thing to say about your sons mother. Why is there so much hatred in the world. We buried my children's father yesterday. So very sad. I would rather be alone than with someone who can't let go of all that hatred. Thanks for your support

I think you did the right thing.
You are very beautiful inside and out, I'm sure you will meet a nice guy.

Thank you for your support. Life is too short to Hate isn't it