I Don't Know What To Do Anymore

Am I fighting a battle or a war? Am I fighting for the impossible? I just don't know anymore. My heart is so damaged. I make a fool of myself trying to get back what I need. Love is too complex. I wish I didn't know it at all. They say if you love someone let them go but then they say fight for your love! What the hell am I supposed to do?!!! I can't go through this anymore! Paranoia, crying, obsession, longing... The list just continues! I'm so unhappy. I'm lost. When you find the person you would literally die for how do you let them go? How do you lie to yourself? I can't pretend I will move on because my heart won't let go. It's not about loving someone more than loving myself - it's about loving someone who completes you. Love is unconditional. I accept him for him. I chose him because the moment I met him I was drawn into him. I didn't even like him at first but still I was drawn. Within a month I loved him. I suddenly felt complete. I would kill for him! He gave me my son - my beautiful innocent prince. He gave me a purpose. For my son I go on and feel a sense of happiness because my son gives me joy but still without him I am so lost. If you read this please regardless of your opinion or what you've been through hope for me, pray for my family to be reunited. That is all I will ever ask for.
AloneInThisLife AloneInThisLife
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Ill pray for your family to be reunited. as I still hope and pray for mine...

I will pray for you also