Dreaded Blinded Love

how do you know it really is love. when he tells you he loves you. when she does anything and everything to keep his love. why is it so hard to find love and even harder to keep it. love is more than just if i say this she will do it. or if i just let him we will still be together. whats with all this broken compromise. love should just come natural not full of just broken compromises. chances are as soon as they get exactly what they want from you...they, [most of the time] wouldnt stick around any longer. in order to love someone you have to love yourself first because it really comes back down to you...as a person who only lives your life. how much do you have to keep trying . how hard do you try. in my opinion love shouldnt be a war...not at all. if you feel that you really have to try your hardest to keep it going .....is it really worth it, if it isnt going anywhere..?
Lilcrazyducky93 Lilcrazyducky93
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012