Can't Sleep

It's not fair that she can sleep at night, when she was the one that broke my heart. I stay up for hours missing her. And she is fine without me.
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Hey man, once you have a solution let me know! My wife suddenly left me without a headsup, only talks to me if she needs somthing for the divorse. I love her but hate what she has become. All I am telling myself that I need to be selfish, the more I think about her the more power I give her and less stable I get.

The being selfish bit is a good idea. It's hard after these years of giving her my all. Always putting her before myself. But I definitely need to put myself back up there toward the top.

I hear ya, I don't knpw hpw people can be so cold and cruel. I'm sorry she hurt you and couldn't see what a great person she had.

Oh, yeah. I'm with you. I'm getting an average of 3 hours a night this past few weeks. She's upstairs in the bed, I'm sitting down here on the couch. One of us is fast asleep. Been this way for months. Been on the couch a decade.

Sleep is overrated anyway. It's been 5 weeks since he left me. After 7 years. I'm surviving on 3 hours a night. I admit I get the shakes but.. Sleep, is not the friend of the broken hearted. Why the people who left us get to sleep? my guess would be release. It was what they wanted, so they feel they can let their new dreams take over. I know it's harsh, and I'm sorry about that. Truly deeply sorry but maybe there's a hint of truth in it. Meanwhile our dreams start out well, but that moment when your eyes blink and reality hits, that's when the nightmare of the ones left behind, begins. This is our story. And it doesn't have that many z's.

I'm with you.

And here's to what goes around comes around... If only life was that balanced.

I feel exactly the same way. He calls "just" to see how I am! I want to scream "how did you stop loving me so easily". This sucks

Brother thats the story of my life...I was about to write up a post about how I feel like such a fool for missing her. While shes happy and dandy...and I saw this so I had to comment on yours. Wish there was a way to just forget...

Sometimes I wish eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was real. But I also wish that I could just hold on forever, just fall asleep and dream about her for the rest of my life.

Nah bro that's where we go wrong. Still holding on and loving someone that let us go and moved on like it all meant nothing. They don't deserve for us to be stuck on them. I don't wish anyone harm. But i also know that what goes around must come around.

I think that too a lot of times, but just like Jim, I think I would prefer to have had the experiences I had with them, I was special enough to be close to them at some point. Thinking about the good times still makes me smile, I want to keep those memories.