Such A Fool..

I feel like such a fool,

Here I am 6 months in since she has left me, Hanging on to a stupid hope. A hope that she was missing me as much as I'm. A hope that she hasn't hit me up because shes too proud, but that she is feeling like I do lost and hurt. A hope that she has realized she has made a mistake. I am such a fool because I would take her back in a heart beat. She hasn't though and she will not because she is happier without me. No messages, no phone calls, no letters...nothing. and I'm still here in the same place she left me. Missing her, Wanting her im stuck here not able to move on with someone else because I cant love someone else if i still lover her...How do i stop loving her? how do i forget everything that made me so happy but now makes me so sad because im missing it? Does anyone know? Its "hard to move on when you always regret one".
Nycman13 Nycman13
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

We're definitely on the same page bro. I read your long post about your rocky relationship and this is post just hit home. I feel ya and like you, I'm still stuck. Not a single day passes by without me checking my phone to see if she bothered to check up on me. Many times I wake up and she's the first thing on my mind, wondering how she's doing. Except I know exactly how she's doing, she has a bf and she's happy with him. I wish you the best and hope your handling things well

thanks brother, its good to know people understand what you are going through. Im taking it day by day.