My Ex Added My Contact

i think i made a mistake ,,, well last week i went to this farewell party for a friend of mine who is me and my ex's mutual friend.. we broke up like a year ago.. but every time we had a chance to meet, he would always be close to's a bad breakup...he deleted my bb pin and blocked my facebook..

i don't know why, because he's the one who did most of the damage..but every time we meet at gatherings (we used to work together) he would always be all over me.. i think his motto for me is "i don't want to be with her, but i don't want anybody to be with her"..and finally i heard he has already move on....i accepted it..

but last week, i haven't seen him in half a's the same thing, he was all over me.. i did my best to ignore him...but it's hard cuz he always follows me the end he asked me for my bb (blackberry) pin .. and i stupidly accepted it ( i was a bit drunk)... i mean when we broke up i tried contacting him but he would always ignore me ,,,and it hurts a lot..

my problem is, should i delete his bb contact? i'm just tired of adding and happens 4 times... i really don't know what he wants from me's like he always like to hurt me...i haven't contacted him and he hasn't also, my friends told me that maybe he wants to be friends...

a feedback would be nice....
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

thanks rodel30 i don't think he wants to be my friend also...because i text him yesterday asking how he is.. he only replied i'm good..he didn't ask about me..i got the picture from's just weird that he ask for my contact but didn't even wanted to respond..i guess he just likes to play with my feelings...thanks for the advice...

He doesn't seem like a very nice person. Even if he did want to be friends, would it be a good friendship?

And if you are moving on, it is often a bad thing for new prospects to find out that you are still friends with your ex. Because they will always wonder if you still have feelings for your ex, ya know?