I Don't Know What Should I Do

Next week, he will back from China. I don't know how to face him; I don't whether I should answer his call or not if he calls; I don't know whether I should meet him again (I have some his stuff, I want to reture.). I don't want any of his responses because no matter what he says, I will be hurt again. I don't what should I do.
xyzuvw xyzuvw
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

Yes, no matter what he says, you will be hurt again... I know the feeling all too well. It is hard when you love someone to call it quits....People say "A cheater will always be a cheater"...I heard of this saying all the time through out my life, but when you are in love, I thought that "he" would be different. The truth is...in the end....Single men who cheat on his gf with a new girl or just going back to his exgf, or even a married man cheating on his wife....they will never change....