A Serious Mess..i Wish I Could Just Snap Out Of This..is This Bad?

Iv been heartbroken twice and i thought i would be fine and able to deal with it when it happened again but i was soo wrong. Its been 2 months since it happened and nothing..Id be fine one minute but then when im alone is when its bad. I just think if **** the whole time..My mind is taken over by negative critics constantly. Iv learned to bottle it all up infront of my friends, i know its bad but then when im alone i just breakdown..Like now. I just reli want a hug and someone to talk to. I hate when i do this..Cry over a guy..but he wasnt just any guy( sounds cliched) Its hiting me again that im not going to see him..I dont no when i will see him next. all i know is that i miss him SO SO SO much. I just want to talk to him but everyones telling me not to txt him but i feel like i can now since its been awhile. I no deep down i shudnt txt him. He said to me that if i ever wanted to call or txt him that i should do that. but inside i feel like i can and its my decision but i no that if i txt him its coz it will make me happy instead of already being happy.

Will someone tell me on this PLEASE what i should do..Could i text him or am i better off not texting him??
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I can't tell you what to do but I do understand because I'm in that situation it's only been a week and I'm going crazy..... I want to text or call but what will it solve. Ask yourself why did you break up in the first place and will it or can it be resolved. I believe that if he wants to talk he will call just be patient and try to go with your life as best as you can. Thats what I'm trying to do but I know I'll be crying later. Be strong it will all work out in time.