All Because Of You...

I once believed in dreams,
And happily ever afters.
I once believed in true loves kiss,
And couples full of laughter.
I once believed in humble thoughts,
Of love made in the dark,
But now I see who you truly are,
As you move slyly as a shark.
Your razor teeth glow brightly,
As your lies slide from your mouth,
Then bite down hard to cut me in half,
Because you love me full of doubt.
I hate my hair and makeup,
I use to like it, but all thanks to you,
You keep me feeling three inches tall,
With all blames and things you do.
I don't want to be your damn leftovers,
To be only appreciated once you're alone.
If you can't show me you love me,
Then I'd rather just be on my own.
I don't want your stupid excuses,
Of why you don't do this or do that.
I won't bite your hook, line, and sinker,
I'm sorry...But I'm not your trophy or plaque.
DoveBreath DoveBreath
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

wow like you are talking about me you are amazing i like what you wrote its really good and true i can feel it again thank you

I'm glad you like it and have found something to relate to. You're welcome, and thanks. ^_^…