Trying To Pick Up The Pieces

My heart breaks more and more everyday...when I bend over to pick up the pieces another one falls...
nomoretomorrows nomoretomorrows
46-50, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I regret to hear that. Im not sure what your hurt stems from but I will definitely keep u in my prayers if u dont mind. I too have a broken heart but from a lover and I believe mine is so hard to fix because this is my first experience of heart break at 51yrs old Im a little embarassed to be going thru this at my age but finding out there are others going thru the same thing and my age helps, it doesnt make me feel better but it makes me know its ok Bless u!

I apologize after reading about the loss of your beloved children my story seems so trivial now. Please forgive me I had no idea. My loss is nothing compared to yours although I know the pain also, Ive lost a daughter, mother, father, sister and a brother...So I know words can never fill that void but EP may lighten your heavy load as it did mine if just a little if just for a moment