Different Kind Of Love

My ex and I had been together for nearly 5 years. A very long time. Together, he and I had a passion that rose above anything else in my life. But sadly, some unfortunate events occurred and caused him to turn on me. Now, we are enemies that no one can ever believe co-existed. It hurts to know that I'll never feel his hands again, never lean back and find his strong, warm body there to catch me. Recently, I met a new boy, who makes me so happy. His love for me though, is different than my ex's. Its an easy, gentle love that heals my heart and soothes my soul. It gets under my skin and makes me feel like I'm on cloud nine. But it isn't the flaming passion I once shared. Sometimes, I find myself laying with my new guy, yet day dreaming of my ex. Why can't I let him go and turn to the sweet love that saves me?
SheWolf16 SheWolf16
22-25, F
Dec 6, 2012