Proof At Last

Yesterday I finally found proof that my ex was already had a new boyfriend that she had been sleeping with.

We broke up about a month and a half ago. Around that time she had this new guy friend. But when she broke up with me she assured me that she wasn't attracted to him and he wasn't influencing her decision to break up with me. For the weeks after that I was suspicious, and confronted her about it after I noticed anything that pointed to her and him being together. She denied it every time and said I was just being paranoid.

She had started sleeping with him within 3 weeks of breaking up with me. That alone hurts a lot. The fact that she could move on so quickly. But the idea that she could lie to me so easily, and without any guilt, hurts so much more. After being together for almost 3 years I would think she'd have enough respect for me to tell me the truth. I was always there for her, and did everything I could for her.

Even after I had the proof and got her to admit to it she didn't apologize for lying to me. She didn't show any remorse for what she had done to me. It makes me wonder if she ever cared. If she ever actually loved me. I moved 1300 miles from home to be with her. I've paid for everything so she could work only part time and relax at home. And she repays me with lies and deceit.

I cried for three hours straight last night after kicking her out. It's not fair that she can walk away from this without feeling bad. That she can go off and enjoy her new boyfriend without thinking of me. That she can live her life while I lose mine.

But at least I have the truth now. And I finally have the closure I need to move on. It will take time, but I'm hopeful that I will heal.
Rodel30 Rodel30
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Have you found a new love?

Well maybe you can replace her like she replaced you? I do not know, I say exacting revenge is always good. Even if it is you cheating on another girl. At least you can understand the feelings. Chances are you have better odds than I ever will.