She Hated Me!

I have had this girl that I've always liked, she was literally my first love! And when we were texting each other one day, and she said she, "Wanted a guy who couldn't stand having some other guy touch her, a guy who loved her AND hated her equally. A guy who would want to hold her in his arms until the day they died." And I felt really hurt when she said that, because that's EXACTLY how I felt about her! And when she saw me crying the next day, she asked what was wrong. And when I told her she screamed at me, "I'M SORRY OKAY?! IM SORRY THAT YOU EVER FELL IN LOVE WITH ME, ALL I WANT TO DO WHILE IM HERE IS ******* GRADUATE AND MOVE THE HELL AWAY FROM HERE WHERE I CAN FORGET ABOUT MY PAST! I HATE YOU!" And then she stormed off, tears in her eyes, and my already broken heart that I had so blindly let her into shattered, fragmented to where I had nothing left...
Utakata1 Utakata1
18-21, M
Dec 9, 2012