Happy Endings? Is It Still True??

Sometimes, i wake up in the middle of the night
thinking of my past dreams when i was seven
i always asked everyone if fairy tale is true
if dreams do come true
if there is any percent of chance that
someday, when i grow up
that there'll be a happy endings
and that prince is really true
that they can protect you.
Be noble and wise and a good listener
for you to speak too
From that moment i went back to the present
and judge the past.
Disappointment rush through my brain then directly
to my heart
Is it still true?
A voice so far away from my mind but loud enough to be heard
told me, "it's not true, all of it is just a fairy tale, a fantasy
that will lead to no happy ending"
I close my eyes and refresh all my past relationship
the one guy who let my heart race when he's in sight
but he's also the one who broke that heart
So now i put the pieces together and locked it with chains
and lock.
The key... that i don't know where i left..
i don't know where it is.
and a realization struck my mind
If the key is gone.. No one
will ever enter my heart again.
Then now it bothers my mind and my heart
Does Fairy tale exist,, happy endings?
No.. Not anymore..
SecretWriter7 SecretWriter7
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Past broken dreams must be replaced by new dreams and ambitions and hopefully you can move forward to a happier future rather than dwelling in the sadness of the past.

No, it's only lost. You'll find it. You are but young. I have similar woes... I long to be that prince.. But found love with someone who didn't value it, then with someone who abused it and drained every bit of heroism I had for her until there was nothing left. Now I've fallen for a princess, who longs for a prince like me to give her things I have to offer... But she says I am not he. So I still wait for my Queen, to find each other, cherish and appreciate everything each of us brings together to build that happily ever after.

One can but hope. The more reality kicks you in the face the less likely it seems if we dont srcew it up there are always the other person that will have a chance to or maybe both. Still hope is a strong thing, something that can motivate us past logic and maybe take us further than we would have gone without it.