I like this guy. We spent everyday together. from morning until night. we talked everyday. even if my friends say that he's boring, i like to listen to everything he says. dunno why.
at first, we were only close because i taught him maths but then it was something more than that.
he's sweet, caring, funny, amazing but he is also a teaser, annoying! makes me crazy and i still like him! he makes me mad all the time! but i still like him
once he sent me a pic saying I <3 U using a monkey butt?
i felt fluttery but then, it was a monkey butt? but it said i love you? what the hell did he mean?
well, anyways we talk almost every night. and at school we are always together. everyone thinks we are a couple but we're not. but we act so much like we are.
but these few days its like we weren't friends. we've grown apart and i hate it!!
i just dont kow what to do. i miss him, and well, i can't tell him i like him so i just have to let it be? It hurts like hell! but, what am i supposed to do?
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Tell him, this hurt your feeling will still be there if (I doubt it) he rejects you :)))) Love hurts, in some weird way that hurt is telling you something. So, go for it he may just surprise you and say he loves the fact your as cute as a monkeys butt ;p xoxoxoxxo

You are right in so many ways, and I did try to tell him and I keep on wanting to tell him but I don't want to lose this perfect relationship with him. And I dunno. maybe I just don't ant to get hurt like before.
And what's so cute about a monkey butt? haha. I dont think so though.

Lol just the words "monkeys butt" makes me chuckle..... Well I accidentally told mine when I was upset the other day ;( Today he told me "We will never be more than friends" it hurts beyond tears. At least now I can start to push him from my heart, hard because I know how much he loves me, he proves that almost every day. All I can say is that it will hurt or be utterly blissfull now or later on. You will know when the time is right, hopefully though he tells you first ;)) xoxoxo

I'm glad it amused you. I'm sooo sorry to hear that. But, it's great that he's still with you :)
But I know I'm not as strong as you are and I just can't tell him. I'm afraid of what might happen. So the right time might just be never. :) xxx