I saw you today.
With the new me.
More pretty. More intelligent. More funny.
I know whatever I do I can never be as good as her. But yet I still try.
Because whenever I see you.
With your blonde shiny hair.
And bright blue eyes.
Whenever I see your smile. Or think of it I knowim the one who wants to make you smile and happy.
Your the one I always want to be with.
And until that day my heart will be forever locked away dying and eroding away like a corpse. Until you come back and save it because my heart.
My love.
Will be forever unconditionally yours.
Heartache666 Heartache666
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

How beatiful and deep, i most said that the emotions you put in this are like mine...you seem to be a very interesting a passionate girl am i wrong?

No I'm a girl and you a boy?

What? that i found things beautiful like your history doesn't make me a boy?

i bet you have met a lot of jerks haven't you?

Sure have

Well, don't believe every guy is a jerk, i must admidt that most of the gus i know are jerks but not all of us, you can found a guy that you can trust, i'm just an example.


i admidt that most of the guys i know are jerks but don't believe every guy is a jerk, look at me, my girl friends never told me that i'm a jerk and i'm not consider my self a jerk and i'm a guy

Hey heartache666 could you mail me? sorry about the oddness of randomly asking.

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