I Lost

You sold me so many dreams. I fell for your lies. I told myself that you was really the one. Do you feel better now. THATS WHY I LIKE KARMA. What you have done to me and whoever else will come back on you 10 times fold.
ladylare ladylare
31-35, F
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

yes karma is there it comes when it need to come don't wait for nothing to happen to him just heal that broken heart of yours. Im sorry you have to go through this and i know that it hurt like hell just think about it if you know you are a good person dont worry about it and im here if you need me. Focus on you

<p>I too was hurt and the pain is still like new. I dont wish any evil for him but I wonder if karma is really true</P>

Oh its true...it will select the right time as to when to appear. Our primary task is to forgive the other person AS WELL AS OURSELVES to give us the courage and to put the "power back" into our lives and move forward. Do not concern or consume yourselves with ill will for them. For God does not like ugly and when they think all is well in their lives is when Karma will appear and monkey it up real good! So do not fear, for every dog has its day and IT WILL get them before they dies. God bless.