What does it mean when a Guy leaves a girl and she would still do anything in the world for him and still loves him. Is that true love or what is it I'm having that problem?
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It just means you love him , or you think you do , this will not be the last heartache you go through , it gets easier .

its called attachment

It means your heart was committed to the love. Even when a relationship doesn't work, there is always the pain of loss. *hugs*

Yeah I guess

Awww. I hate hearing you are having a tough time. Natural feelings for a guy that you really cared for. Most of us have been there or it will happen to us. Sad but you will get through it and be stronger and have a better relationship in the future. Dont let it turn you off from relationships.

it means if you love someone or somthing set it free..accept the fact you can still love someone but they still chose to leave. It wasn't meant to be. Time will heal that slowly..One door closes and one door opens up..

Well i cry every night so how does that help sir

Crying is good it releases your emotions only time can heal that. Sitting around and not living your life because of rejection will make you miserable. Do you think he is? No, he is living his life. So get mad and keep yourself busy meet other people.

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Sorry. He does not know what a great girl he had. My advice is anthing that makes you feel happy is worth fighting for. Try again, if he she is a nig jerk!! Then move on. At least your the better person.

Im also having that problem. I guess we will feel that one. Take some time to think and reflect and be happy that you can love that much (though this guy has not appreciated that.. his loss really.. not yours). Im sure somewhere out there is a more deserving guy. Its not an easy process though because there's relapsing from time to time. Just remind yourself everyday that you are worthy of someone way better than this guy. Keep your chin up and smile.

<p>The best advice I received from an EP friend was thats its normal to feel what u feel after a guy has left u. Its ok to cry and hurt and let those feeling take its course, some take longer than others, eventually u will find your way. I believe it is true love if u would still do anything for him. Because love doesnt hurt, love is kind, love is peaceful and it forgives...Love will also reveal how he felt about u </P>


It means he wasn't the right guy for you! Give it time and another will come along who will be the right guy :)

Love is a cruel game.....I am sorry for your suffering.

He go what he wanted and left me

It's a sad fact of life that people hurt one another in this way.....I hope you can move past the pain someday....love takes time to heal when you're hurting...it can seem so cruel. I wish I could make it go away....I relate, my ex really hurt me after promises of forever.I really believed him and let my guard down.I am hurting too....it's a tough thing to get over I know.....I'm here if you need to talk.