Heartbroken To The Fullest!

Right now my heart is so broken words can't explain how I really feel. I try to act like it don't bother me by being and playing bad but deep down my heart has a river of scars that will take a long time to heal and this is why: I was in love with my childhood crush for 18 years and I knew he was the one I was planning on marrying one day so I ask some psychics are we going to be together forever and they said yes. I was thrilled until one day I had a dream that my crush was engaged to someone else and it was on Facebook. A few hours after I woke up I got on my Facebook page and the first thing I saw on my newsfeed was that my childhood crush was indeed engaged to someone else and that shattered my heart knowing that what was predicted turned out to be a lie. He got married two days ago, but it wasn't me that he married. I went on my Facebook page yesterday and once again the first thing I saw was his relationship status changed to married with a picture of him and his wife. I'm truly heartbroken and don't know when I will ever love again.
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I think this, or something similar, has happened to a lot of us. It happened to me and also to the girl I thought I’d be with; we both got married to someone else years ago. But unfortunately marriages don’t always last forever these days. Not that I’d wish that on anyone, because it’s a pain to go through a divorce as I know very well, but the truth is that you still never know what the future may hold.