He Left With Know Expectation

My ex and I only been dating for 3 months. And we did a lot within those 3 months and we both was in love with each we shared a lot of our secrets together and we seemed to be happy. And one day I need finicale help and he was the only someone I could turn to and I think that what push him away
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

i was with my ex/b since feb til now on/off.. i been thru something similar. On a friday night after he saw me n all was good we said our i love u's etc. I texted n called him Saturday no answer he texted mad late saying ''we need to talk''. i called n he left me that two days b4 my bday. He had no reason to leave me but he just did. With men and their psychological state of mind. You never know who ur gna get everyday, they mood n their attitudes changes as if they r seeing their fckn periods!! Men r different but their psyche r somewhat similar. What ever u tld him made what him look deep into himself n ponder do i really wana deal with this or he prob was thinking this is too early in the relationship for this girl to b tellin me this. All my life im surrounded with men, of all different race n age groups n they said this to me. I t depends on where he is in the relationship n how he feels. Some news r too much for men to deal with so the best thing to do is just leave without an explanation without in turn they dont have one.

That's so true I'm taking one they at a time trying to get over him right now it very hard for me I didn't think I could love someone in that Lil length of time...

that's the best thing to do. Me either but it happened to us. It hurts everyday, as i drove home just now listen to keri hilson love knocks u down. i almost filled the truck with my tears. Be strong girl, we can do it. We were made stronger than emotionally wise, but we allow them to manipulate us sigh.